Cenestra Male Choir joins Cwmbach Male Choir for a pre-concert rehearsal and social evening
the night before the concert at Aberdare's Coliseum Theatre.

Cenestra had earlier visited Big Pit with some members of Cwmbach Choir.

       WMC1                    WMC2

Cenestra Male Choir perform at the Millenium Theatre, Cardiff Bay.

Final rehearsal at the Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare

on stage

Performing together at the Coliseum Theatre Aberdare.

  afterconcert1    afterconcert2

Choristers and supporters at  our post-concert social event in Aberdare.


Cenestra Choir are invited to the Mayor's Parlour in Pontypridd.


The choir perform unaccompanied for the Mayor and his guests.

Abercwmboi RC

Our final social event with Cenestra Male Choir at Abercwmboi Rugby Club.

exchange ties

Choristers exchange ties at the end of the final evening in Aberdare.